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We are in week two of our small group going through FPU. Last night we took an anonymous account of the group’s debt and got a whopping $483,401!!! Can you believe it? We only have 9 couples in our group. That is about $53,711 in debt per couple! Yikes! We are going to do what we can to help anyone who wants it.

On our side of the fence, we were able to put $4000 of our tax refund towards credit cards. Yay, Us!! We also put aside another $2000 for a family vacation we have planned this summer with my husband’s brother’s family. So that will be paid for in cash.

Things are looking iffy with my hubby’s job. We think they are going to ask him to move, but a move is not the right thing for our family. We are trusting that God has a better plan for us and we…ahem…I just need to have faith that HE will carry us through. For now, we are taking any excess money and piling it away in case we find ourselves without an income for a while. If we don’t need it, then it will all be thrown at our debt.