40 Days to 40th Birthday

Have you ever had to come up with an idea to celebrate a BIG birthday milestone? 40 days to 40th birthday was my creative gift to commemorate my husband's 40th birthday.  {I won't mention the fact that I turned 40 as well...wait you didn't read that!} I decided that I...

PF Chang’s Strawberry Cucumber Limeade

PF Chang's Strawberry Cucumber Limeade If you are looking for a fun, summer drink, you should try PF Chang's Strawberry Cucumber Limeade!  When our server suggested it, it does not sound like a good combination, but I thought why not try something new! The tangy and...

Can I become debt free??.

The Answer is “YES!”

Being debt free is a dream that many of us have, but few accomplish. We have grown up thinking that debt is a part of life. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. Getting out of debt and banishing it from your life can happen, but it takes work.

Read how our family got rid of $40K in consumer debt in 18 months and then another $34K  HELOC loan.