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The other day I posted PF Chang’s Strawberry Cucumber Limeade recipe and have made it several times since that post {with a few adjustments}. Today I decided to take my boys to Monkey Joe’s to burn some energy. To avoid buying the expensive slush they offer there, I promised to take them to sonic to get them their favorite blueberry coconut slush {ewww…I absolutely hate coconut and anything flavored with it}. It was 1/2 priced drink time at Sonic and I’m the best-mom-EVER to treat them to their favorite drink. Hey, I can splurge on a 50 cent drink!

Since I was there and drinks were cheap, I treated myself to a Strawberry Limeade. I haven’t had one in a long time and I have had a hankerin’ for limeades…obviously. I figured I’d save myself a mess of making my own for a measly 90 cents.

Should have saved myself the 90 cents!

Over the last few months I have been trying to adjust our diet by reducing refined sugars and add more fruits and veggies. I guess it’s working because the drink was so sweet, I couldn’t finish it. It’s sitting right next to me and I’m trying to finish this post quickly so I can go make a REAL limeade!

The adjustments to PF Chang’s recipe are in bold:

2 whole strawberries

5 julienne pieces of cucumber

Smoosh them together to get some of the juices out.

1/2 of a fresh squeezed lime

3 packets of splenda 

1 cup of water

4 ice cubes

Shake vigorously

Add more ice/water/lime to taste.

The only bummer is that this recipe only makes 1 serving.

Redneck glass mason jar optional!