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pf changs strawberry cucumber limeadePF Chang’s Strawberry Cucumber Limeade

If you are looking for a fun, summer drink, you should try PF Chang’s Strawberry Cucumber Limeade!  When our server suggested it, it does not sound like a good combination, but I thought why not try something new! The tangy and sweet combination of the flavors was a refreshing surprise. The $3.95 price was a bit shocking, but thank goodness we were using a gift card! Our fabulous server gave us the recipe so I tried it at home and I quickly tried mixing it up. It turned out a bit too tart, but for a first try it wasn’t bad. I let it sit for a few minutes and to let the flavors combine better…!!


PF Chang's Strawberry Cucumber Limeade


Approx 2 whole strawberries

Ramekin full julienne cucumber

1.5 oz fresh squeezed lime juice (I use 1/2 a lime)

1.5 oz pure cane sugar ( I use 2-3 packets of Splenda)

1.5 oz water (I add 4 oz and then more to taste)


In pint glass muddle strawberries and julienne cucumber

Add approx 4 ice cubes

Add mixers (lime juice/sugar/water)

Cap glass and shake vigorously for 10 seconds


Update: I still make this drink every summer when I have fresh strawberries, cucumbers, and limes and it has been one of my most popular pins on Pinterest. I have added links to some of the items that are lesser known such as ramekin and a muddler. Is a ramekin important? Not really, this recipe was made for a bartender so I’m sure it is used to give an amount reference so you can click on the link if you need a reference point. The muddler, however, is a must. I used to just squash the ingredients, but this year I tried a muddler and found it very valuable. Take a look through your kitchen drawers, you may have a spoon with a roundish end. 🙂