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It is the 26th and we have only 5 days left of the Nothing Unhealthy Challenge! As I have said before, this challenge has been a challenge to get regular exercise in my routine. Maybe it should have been called the “Get Moving” challenge.

There have been days where I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep. We have had more rainy days than sun this month, which is unusual for the South. I have felt sluggish and blah. Today, I did NOT want to get up and exercise. It’s a good thing that the Bodyrock program is only 12 minutes! {It’s a LONG 12 minutes, but I’m improving.}

When I first started with Bodyrock on January 6th, I was barely getting through the first few minutes without feeling like I was going to pass out. Now, I can get through 3 minutes without being too winded. If I need the modifications they suggest, I take them. I try to push myself without trying to kill myself. I’m starting to do push ups without being on my knees. Woo Hoo!

On the food front, I feel like I’ve been a failure. It did not help that we had a birthday to celebrate this month. One of the gifts my daughter got was a cupcake decorating kit. She is very artistic and has already used her kit twice. As a result, we have had many cupcakes in the house. Just last night she asked why we weren’t eating the cupcakes. I had to gently remind her that Daddy and I are trying to eat healthier and as much as we want the cupcakes, we are trying not to have too many. It’s a hard balancing act to try to eat healthy and get in shape at our age while trying not to make body image an issue for a teen girl.

Aren’t these cute?!? They were delicious, too!

What I love {and hate} about challenges is that they mess with your status quo. We sometimes get into a routine that is not necessarily the best for us. It’s a gradual thing and when you step back and look at it you wonder how you got to that point.

Honestly, I have tried exercising before. I would do it for a week or two and then get bored and give up. I wouldn’t see or feel any difference that would make me want to continue. This time, I had the accountability of this blog to post whether or not I was doing something different. It’s been almost 4 weeks and I’m seeing changes in my shape that I never noticed with other fitness regimes. Now I’m to the point that I don’t want to waste what I’ve started by going back to the status quo.

I’m still going to work on changing to a healthier diet. My weakness is carbs. If this had been a no carb challenge, I would have failed in the first hour. It’s so much easier to make food with carbs. I’d list them, but then we’d both be hungry. I’ll let you know how that goes throughout the year.