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For the last few days I have been walking around like an old 90 year old woman! My muscles are screaming at me for torturing them. Last night I did a core routine from Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift. I probably should not have worked my core two days in a row, but I did. Ouch!

The good thing about the soreness is that it is motivating me to keep exercising because I don’t want to be in pain for nothing. I wish I liked exercising, but I don’t. I find routines boring and I don’t have the cash to pay for a personal trainer. I guess I haven’t found my exercise niche. Some people like to run, others bike ride. Me…I like naps. Therein lies my problem. If I have an hour to exercise or an hour to nap, I usually opt for the nap. So sad, I know. Praying that will change. We’ll see.

One fabulous thing that I did enjoy was a scrumptious lunch that my hubby made just for me!

Scrambled eggs with basil and seasonings on a grilled tortilla. Pita chips and carrots with hummus. Mmmmmmmmm…..good! Just what my hungry I-didn’t-want-to-cook self needed!
I’m trying to eat more protein so that I feel full longer; thanks to a suggestion from one of my readers. The snack basket is working beautifully as well! I don’t like to cook much on weekends because I get burned out during the week. It was nice to have quick, healthy items for my kids to grab. Convenience is good!