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I am posting this a day late because I was too tired last night to write anything. It also doesn’t help that my muscles are sore from the exercising I have been doing for two straight days.

You read that correctly…TWO STRAIGHT DAYS! I did again. It was a bit easier since it was mostly core work. When I do cardio I feel awful.

I don’t remember much of what I ate yesterday. I did go to a friend’s surprise 40th birthday party. I had some nuggets a few chips and a cupcake. I wasn’t hungry when we first got there, but my hubby is a socializer so we stayed a bit longer than I anticipated.

After the party, we went to Sam’s Club and I stocked up on snacks for me and the kids. I mentioned a few posts ago that my downfall is not having something ready when hunger strikes. Well, I finally got the supplies and here is my new snack basket.

This is just the pantry items. I still have to get snack bags to portion out the pretzels and pita chips. In this basket are prepackaged peanuts and cashews, granola bars, fruit snacks and Kellogg’s 100 calorie thin crisps. The items you don’t see in this basket {I’m thinking I need another one} are the goldfish, almonds, and chips. I also got fridge items that include Greek yogurt, sliced apples, and hummus. I’ll be adding cheese sticks if they are on sale.

I’m thinking this will work out nicely for us. I always complain how my children are grazers. They like to eat little things throughout the day and then are never hungry for dinner. Maybe I just need to embrace that because apparently I like to eat that way as well.

I’ll be posting about Day 8 later tonight if I can. Want to find others on this journey? Here are a few: