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All right…here it is…a post! [And I am determined to finish it!!]

I have to tell you that I have started 5 or 6 different posts that remain unfinished in my poor little draft section of WordPress.

Why so many unfinished posts you ask?

That would be a good question that I am hoping to find the answer myself.

My Life

Moms are busy! That is just a fact. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom, or work-out-of-the-home mom. After my blogging hiatus from the summer, I was determined that I would get my rear in gear and blog my little heart out. Unfortunately, a thing called “Life” can be quite an interrupter to your plans.

Our biggest change is that the Daddy is traveling more for work.

Work travel is not new to our family, but the frequency has increased dramatically and suddenly. In my husband’s job he has to be available to train people and that means being VERY flexible. Usually we get a two week or maybe a month notice prior to his traveling, but sometimes we only get days. For a person [uh…me] who does not like surprises, this can be very disconcerting.

What is comical is that I was a military wife for 8 years! Surprise travel was part of the gig. I guess I wasn’t expecting the “unexpected” travel. It took me about a month to feel like I had my feet firmly planted on the ground again.

My Kids

Because the Daddy has been gone, I had to give my kiddos some extra loving. One of my boys definitely does not like surprises and I really have to prep him for Daddy-travel. I’ve had to pull out some military wife tricks-of-the-trade to ease Daddy’s absence. That means less time on the computer for me and more hands-on, face-to-face interaction, longer before-bed reading, slushy runs, cookie baking and lots of hugs and kisses.

My Work/Blog

I work on the computer as a web programmer/designer! In September, I helped a friend restructure her website due to a business change and then build my husband’s website for his small business. [Yes, you read that correctly, my husband has started a side business as well as increased his travel. What can I say, he is ambitious!]

I also have been cooking from scratch a lot more to try to incorporate a more clean eating lifestyle. I made two batches of Apple Butter [I will eventually have that Pinterest Review up…Spoiler Alert: YUM, YUM, YUM!!!]

In a few days, I will have my first batch of Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract ready to be bottled. I have already had to use some because I ran out of the store-bought kind and I am amazed at how wonderful it tastes and smells. Look for that post as well!


Tomorrow is election day! Take the time to vote. 

I have already cast my ballot so I will spend the day with my kids. I will also be making a big batch of marinara sauce and some tomato bisque to can. [Yes, I learned how to can, too!] 

That is my election day plan, unless something comes up to thwart it. 🙂


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