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I know that Fridays are always good, but this week has been a great week for our family. I don’t remember the last time where everything fell into place for us. Sometimes we may miss it because we are too distracted with life, issues, kids, etc. Here are a few of our great things…

  1. We sold our car {yes, I know I just posted about it, but you never know what will sell in this economy…surely our house wouldn’t sell for what we would ask for it.}
  2. We took that chunk of money and put it ALL to our car loan {the debt isn’t gone, but it’ on its way…love ya debt snowball!}
  3. Met with my middle child’s teacher and found out how FABULOUS he is doing. We made a decision to hold him back a year because we saw how discouraged he was last year. {He had always been the youngest in his class and we had a challenge last year to get the school to let us hold him back.}
  4. My husband got his new company car {that alone will save us several hundred dollars a month with no gas or insurance payments for us to worry about.}
  5. Had a last minute date last night with my hubby. His meal was free because he is a Veteran. {Thank you for serving our country, Honey!!}
  6. I got a last minute design project from an old high school classmate that had me up against a clock, but I got it done! {It does pay to attend your high school reunion and network with others!}

There are a few other things that were great, but I will hold off sharing because the irony in one of them is so funny that I am going to post about it at a later date. But it definitely has to do with getting out of debt!!!

Hope you had a GREAT week!