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We started tithing at the ripe old married age of 24.

We tithed the 10% of our earnings every time we got paid. It was hard…at first. When you are not used to giving 10% of your income to something it can be difficult. However, if you think about it, some times we give 10% or more to things that are not necessary in life and we don’t think twice about it.

Over time I became more comfortable with tithing and even started writing the checks myself! The lesson I learned over time is that it is not my money and I need to give it when prompted. And believe me I have been prompted to give in other areas and I’ve had to learn to control the knee-jerk response in my head, “Oh, come on, God, really?!”

Yes, HE has continued that lesson many times because, frankly I don’t think HE has liked my response. It’s a bit like my daughter giving out a frustrated sigh when I remind her to do the kitchen. It’s a job she has daily and she knows she is supposed to do it, but when I prompt her, she gives the wrong response. That makes me want to reinforce responsibility in other areas of our home.


Looking back over the many years since we started tithing regularly, I have seen the many blessings that God has poured out onto our family. I have also seen an increase in our income and the ability to live on one income.

And just because we tithe doesn’t mean everything is rosy and perfect. Oh…no…just because we got one area in our life under control does not mean HE doesn’t allow more lessons to fall upon us.

We have free-will and our free-will led us back into debt. I think part of our issue was that we got a little cocky thinking that we had everything under control. Prior to that, we lived on faith with our finances. When we moved we somehow decided that we knew what we were doing and took back the controls from God. We overspent without knowing our full financial picture. We were prideful and oblivious to the hole we were digging for ourselves.

Now we have our priorities straight. We know the true Master of our finances. We have learned that when we handle our money well, God gives us more to handle. Although we are still working out of the debt we are in, I know God will get us through it all. It may take some time, but we will get there.

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