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The New Year begins tomorrow and all the resolution-making is happening now! I usually don’t make resolutions because I find that I really don’t want to do them in the first place! However, I will encourage everyone to make it a goal to get out of debt!

I cannot tell you how freeing it is to be out of consumer debt!

Getting out of debt should be your number one goal this year. I know that you may not have all your debt paid of in 365 days, but you will be so much closer to being debt free if you just start!

It’s a bit like working out. If you just start, you will be better off 30 days from now if you didn’t.

The word “NO” will be the most difficult, yet liberating word you will learn!

Make this the year you say “NO” to spending extra money on things you don’t need, dinners out, and even the trip out of town.

Get rid of cable! That alone will save you $800 plus dollars a year.

Ditch the latte and bring your lunch to work.

Check your car insurance policy! We found a $400 per year savings by switching to a new company!

Say no to the family and friends that want to go out to eat or drink or anything that costs money. It doesn’t matter what they think. You have control over your money not them!

Take a Financial Peace University class!

It is amazing how your thinking will change during this class! We gifted this class to my mother-in-law this past fall and the change it has made in her life is astonishing!

I have met many people who not only get their financial situation under control, but they get out of the emotional jail that is tied up with money. Once you learn to stop borrowing [from family or credit card companies] you will no longer feel a slave to them!

What is our financial goal?

This year we are working on getting our HELOC loan paid off [or at least close to it]! Once that amount is paid off, we won’t be upside-down in our home. We will gain a $400+ a month raise into our fully-funded emergency fund rather than into a debt!

We will re-evaluate our budget and continue to live on a cash system. I will continue my education on investing and learn how to make our money grow.

A New Year is a fresh start! Time to make the changes you have been wanting to make, but have been putting off. Try anything new for at least the month of January. You never know what progress you can make unless you start!

What changes will you make for 2013?


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