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Giving up Dish

For months I have been talking about giving up cable. Although my kids like to watch TV, my husband and I rarely sit in front of the boob tube. I would DVR shows and maybe get around to watching them when my husband was out of town or if I couldn’t sleep. We got Netflix and discovered that our kids loved accessing all their shows in one spot.  Granted all the shows were not the current season, but they didn’t care. The love reruns anyway!


Last November we decided to try Roku 2 XS. I had been researching the difference between Roku and Apple TV. I discovered that it would be less expensive if we purchased a Roku and subscribed to Hulu plus. It was easy to connect and we kept our Dish Network to make sure we liked it.
I was impressed with the quality of the service. Unlike our Wi-Fi Blu-ray DVD Player, it quickly streamed content from both Netflix and Hulu. The remote is so simple to use that my 3 year old can find his favorite shows on Netflix all by himself! When we lose the remote {which happens on a daily bases}, I can access a remote app on my iPad and use that until we find it{ under some random pillow}.
I am not sure why it was so difficult to let go of satellite tv. We don’t watch the news or sports. The programs we do watch on the networks are streamed online or are on Hulu the next day. We did give up some Lifetime shows, but those seem to come out on Netflix after the season is over.

The Benefits

The main reason we gave up Dish was the cost. We were paying over $80 a month for a lot of channels we didn’t watch. Now we pay about $16 a month for a subscription to Netflix and Hulu Plus. That is over $700 a year in savings! The added bonus that we got with the Roku 2 XS with Angry Birds which my kids love! We paid $99 for the unit which is a LOT cheaper than a Blu ray DVD player that streams Netflix and Hulu. The Roku is a small little box and doesn’t take up a lot of room and is a cinch to set up!

Roku + Netflix = Instant Movies on your TV

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