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I have a confession to make. I cheated on the 31 Day Kicking a Bad Habit. *GASP* It happened a few days ago when I was feeling particularly stressed out about a client. I needed to decompress with something mindless and I wondered over to Frontierville.

It wasn’t long…I promise. It will never happen again {yeah, right!}

Hey, I almost made it two weeks! And when I did play it was for only 10 minutes. {Huge improvement!} I haven’t touched it since! Of course, being distracted by the amount of sickles in this house {including the dog} has kept me away from the computer completely.

Oh, and then there is that Hunger Games book/trilogy that sucked me in. Just finished the last book tonight. Just in time to see the movie next week. I’m wondering if those that see the movie without reading the book might be a little lost.

How do you use your time to unwind?