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I am on Day 7 of Kicking a Bad Habit and I haven’t played Frontierville for a WHOLE week! Yay, me!

Am I tempted…sure am! But with the extra time I have had, I have completed two websites! Fortunately one of them was for my husband so he wasn’t bugging me about getting it done. If you wanna see it, you can find his new acting website at

I’ve also been busy transferring some blogs from Blogger to WordPress. Here are the final results:

I’ve also been busy adding Facebook Pages cover photos. Here are a few:

They are both mine, but I always practice with my stuff first before offering any services to clients. I still have to do My Debt Free Road’s cover page, but I have until Mar 30. {That is when FB automatically changes all of them.}

Just out of curiosity, what would you pay to have someone design/change your cover page? 

Eventually, I will have to write a post about having my own small business. I recently outsourced my advertising inquiries to Crystal for Hire because I found I didn’t have time to respond to the requests. {Probably because I was playing games rather than working on my blog!} 

If you are interested in advertising on My Debt Free Road you can email

Well…back to work!

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