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We had our last FPU class this past Sunday!  All the couples “graduated” and feel like they have a different view on finances.  Here are some of the exciting things that happened over the last 13 weeks…

  • Two couples sold cars and bought replacements with CASH!  The result?  No car payments!!
  • The husband of another couple got a 2nd job (temporarily) to help pay down their debt.
  • One couple finished baby step 3-They put away 3-6 months of an emergency fund.
  • Because couples had a plan for their money, they found there was less arguments, frustration, and stress!
  • One couple completely paid off their house!!!  You can read about that post HERE.
  • The total debt that the class paid off in the 13 weeks was $68,000!

Ummm….WOW!!!!!  That much debt gone between 8 couples is AMAZING!!!   I believe the encouragement between the couples spurred on a lot of changes.  It was great to see and hear how everyone was figuring out ways to reduce their debt.  The couple that are completely debt-free (including their house) was an inspiration to everyone.  We actually have a living example of a couple who did it and now there are couples who believe they can do it too!  That, I believe, was the biggest blessing from the whole semester.  Knowing that someone succeeded in the battle with debt shows that we can all can achieve what many believe is impossible!