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It’s Monday and since I know Mondays tend to be boring, I decided to tell you about the Dave Ramseyish baby shower a friend and I gave on Saturday.

It started out with 1 pregnant lady in our small group. She is having her 3rd baby after almost a decade after her first two. That being said, she does not have any baby items and is starting from scratch.

My friend and I were planning on throwing her a shower in October since she is due at the end of that month. We found out suddenly that she may be induced 3 weeks early due to the size of the baby. That put us in a rush to get a baby shower together for her.

Because my friend is also on the DR plan, we wanted to make it as inexpensive as possible. We turned to Pinterest for some ideas {I did tell you it was an addiction, right? Turns out my friend is also an addict}. She made some cute crafty items for decorations:

I found a cute gift idea for a Hospital Survival Kit: Link to original blog with instructions

Here are the goodies: granola bars, fun pack M&M’s, face wipes, soft hair bands, gum and chapstick.

For the “Thank You for Coming” treat, I made chocolate covered pretzels:

We also hung little baby girl socks as part of the decorations and mom got to take them home with her.
To keep our food expenses down, we made it a potluck event. Since all the ladies coming were in our small group it is very common for us to bring food to each other’s houses for different gatherings.
For dessert it was cupcakes:
The Mom-to-be thought she was dropping her older girls off with a friend so she could go out to dinner with her mom. Boy was she shocked!
It was a fun and inexpensive night for a great mom-to-be!