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Moving, even to a nearby city, can be stressful; however, such a local move can be done in several trips and at a minimal cost. Long distance moving, or interstate moving, is a totally different story. One cannot make trips back and forth if they are moving, say 5 states away. The most logical alternative is to hire a moving company. This is a complex process and a number of factors need to be taken into consideration so as to get a true estimate on how much the long distance move will cost.

How are Moving Costs Determined?

Generally, moving costs are determined by factors such as distance, weight and packing. Many moving companies will charge their customers depending on the total weight that they are moving. Some however, will charge on the basis of volume. The latter is not a very good parameter since it will depend on how well the items are arranged in the truck. Companies that charge by the weight are usually better; since they will give an actual price once the belongings are fully loaded and weighed.

It is recommended to contact at least 3 companies so as to get a rough idea of the average moving cost. There are movers who have been known to intentionally lower the costs in their estimates so as to lure customers to use their services. This is why it is important for movers to contact more than one moving services. One can also take advantage of sites that contain moving calculators that provide an estimate of the total cost.

Tips on Choosing the Right Moving Company

  • Do not fall for a low quote. If a certain price appears to be too low, then you cannot trust your items with the moving company that provided it. Professional movers will have competitive prices but the variances should be within a reasonable range.
  •  Is the company in good standing with the local Better Business Bureau? The company should be licensed and regulated. Companies in the interstate moving business must have a proper license from the Department of Transportation (DOT). It is recommended that you call the company and ask them for their DOT number, also verify the information on the FMCSA’s website.
  • Beware of companies which ask for a very large initial deposit. It could be that their business is not stable or they could just be out to scam customers. A background check can help you verify their status.

Tom Regev is a professional writer for the moving price agency Guaranteed Price Moving 

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