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I LOVE to read! Last year I found 5 Minutes for Mom Blog Party and had a great time finding new blogs to follow!  This year I actually found it before it started and hopefully will be able to sign up my own blog before the server crashes. {Apparently it happens every year!}

There are even prize giveaways from some of the bloggers!  I wouldn’t mind winning any one of the American Express, Target, Amazon, or Paypal giftcards that are listed.{And it’s a loooooong list!}

Ultimate Blog Party 2011



If you are finding me through the Blog Party… Thanks for stopping by!!

I have been blogging about our family’s financial journey to being debt free since October 2009. We took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class and it rocked our world! In his class he mentions that most people who take FPU and become “gazelle intense” become debt free {not including their mortgage} in 18 to 24 months. I didn’t believe him.

But,  IT’S TRUE!!!

After 18 months we managed to pay off all our consumer debt! In the process we began teaching our children that they should avoid debt like the plague! We are breaking the cycle of relying on credit cards and started living on a cash system.

We are not done yet! Everything is a work in progress.

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