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br /When I started this blog back in 2009, I wrote a post about a href=””why I love garage sales/a. I’m not a die-hard garage sale person. I don’t get up at 7AM on Saturday mornings with all the sales mapped out. The main reason is that I am NOT a morning person. However, if I can get to a garage sale before it’s open to the public i{and it’s in the afternoon}/i I’m totally /br /Twice a year I have the opportunity to attend a pre-garage sale of a woman named Jill who sells all clothing for 25 cents. It is a highlight every.single.year! My friend happened on her garage sale one year and got to know Jill well enough to let her come 2 days before her sale. When my friend found out that I LOVE deals, she invited me to go along i{or maybe I begged…I can’t remember}/i.nbsp;The first time I went, I found over 100 items for only $31! Most of the items were name brand clothing. She has tons of baby/toddler items, but as the sizes go up the pickings are much /br /Last Thursday, as I was on my way to this fabulous place, my friend called up and told me there were two other women that had showed up and they cleaned out most of the size 3-4 boys /br /biWhat?!?/i/bbr /br /Getting over my shock that we weren’t the only two that got special pre-sale treatment, I decided to still go and see what I could /br /My friend was right, the toddler boys clothes were basically gone. I looked through the size 8 boys clothes and found a few tops and a some slim jeans for my skinny big boy. Then I headed over to the Jr/Ladies box not thinking I would find /br /biBoy, was I WRONG!nbsp;/i/bbr /bibr //i/bbr /I found quite a fewnbsp;Jrnbsp;size Abercrombie tops and jeans. My tweenager is picky and she usually doesn’t like the clothes I pick out for her. I figured for $.25 per item if she didn’t like them, I would donate /br /Surprisingly, I found some jeans in my size and a cute Halloween /br /div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”191″ src=”” width=”320″ //a/divdiv class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”br //divI got 30 pieces of clothing for $7.50. I was really excited when I got home and tried on the /br /biThey fit perfectly!nbsp;/i/bbr /br /I bnever /bhave luck with jeans. This time, however, I got two pairs of jeans for 50 cents. How often can you say you are wearing twenty-five cent jeans?br /a href=”” target=”_blank”img alt=”Anna” border=”0″ src=”” //a