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On Tuesday, I posted about our a href=””pending leave of Bank of America/a. Yesterday, we walked in to do just that. nbsp;My husband armed himself with the article of a href=””Bank of America gettingnbsp;foreclosed/anbsp;in casenbsp;theynbsp;should ask why we were leaving. I begged him not to embarrass me because I am not ai center-of-attention-let’s-go-out-with-a-bangnbsp;/itype of /br /We walked in and was asked to sit and wait for the next available agent. After 15 minutes of my stomach rumbling i{because I was starving}/iI wondered if this is how they get back at us for closing our account. nbsp;Their strategy make us wait so long that we were going to leave before closing the account. nbsp;I wasn’t going to fall for it. I made my husband go ask how long because when I get hungry I become ainbsp;center-of-attention-let’s-go-out-with-a-bang-don’t-mess-with-this-hungry mama! /ibRoooooar!! /bi{I have low blood-sugar issues}/ /br /After 30 minutes the greeter directed us to the counter where the only person in the building that could close the account had just returned from lunch. I won’t get into the fact that the greeter had allowed someone else to go in front of us while I wasted away from hunger. We stepped up and we said we were closing our accounts. He asked for my ID and to swipe my debit card and confirm the amount we had in the account. nbsp;He handed it to us in cash and said, “Have a nice day.”br /br /What?!?br /br /Was it really ithat /isimple? No questions asked, no queries to how they could have done better. nbsp;Here is your money…see ya! Phew…that was easy. nbsp;Maybe it’s becoming a commonnbsp;occurrencenbsp;for someone to come in to close their /br /Who knows. nbsp;I’m just glad my husband didn’t have the opportunity to slap down the foreclosure article on the counter with a look of triumph. nbsp;Or maybe they have had that happen before and found it much easier to just close the account without a fuss. I’m sure they are tired of hearing how horrible they are and just want to end their day /br /a href=”” target=”_blank”img alt=”Anna” border=”0″ src=”” //a