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There are many financial books out there that offer hope and help to those who want to be financially free. I have read many of them, but none of them compared to taking Financial Peace University (FPU) and getting on the Dave Ramsey Plan.

We were not new to the “getting out of debt” part. We had been out of debt…TWICE. What we had not figured out was how to stay out of debt. Paying debt was all we knew. After being out of debt for a month or two we would find ourselves back in the same situation doing the same debt-dance.

Now we have a roadmap to guide us beyond dumping the debt and onto building wealth. From what we have calculated, we should be consumer debt-free by this time next year. Two years later, we should have our HELOC paid off and then seven years after that {or sooner} our house will be paid off. That is 10 years people! I know it sounds like a long time, but it isn’t. In 10 years we either can be in the same place or be somewhere else. Frankly, I would rather be somewhere else than owing other people money.

If you have been trying to figure out how to get out of debt {and stay out}, I encourage you to locate a FPU class. Once you take a class you are a member for life and can attend over and over. The only cost to you is the one-time cost of the materials {usually under $99}. I am so thankful for the class that we took and the results we have seen so far.

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