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span xmlns=””/spanbr /I am a reader! I have always enjoyed reading for pleasure and learning {except that didn’t apply to the textbooks in school}. I have some favorite blogs that I follow that I have wanted to gush about. Let the gushing begin…br /br /a href=””span style=”font-family: AR BLANCA; font-size: 14pt;”The Mommyhood Memos/span/a : I just LOVE Adriel’s blog! Not only does she have a super-cute baby, but her pictures are phenomenal. I get to see glimpses of the place I want to visit most…Australia. She writes so genuinely that I feel like she’s my best friendem! {Wonder if she’d be my best friend so I could visit?}/embr /embr /nbsp;/ema href=””span style=”font-family: AR BLANCA; font-size: 14pt;”Thrifty Décor Chick/span/a : If you want some GREAT ideas for decorating on the emcheap/em this is the blog to go to. Sarah’s do-it-yourself decorating inspires me to redecorate em{and that is saying a lot since I did strongnot/strong get the fabulous decorating gene from my mother}./embr /br /emnbsp;/ema href=””span style=”font-family: AR BLANCA; font-size: 14pt;”Another Lunch/span/a : Mom always said not to play with your food, but you can’t help yourself with Melissa’s creations. Once again, I am inspired to be creative with my kid’s lunches. You will be amazed at her creations! em{I also didn’t get the love-to-feed-people gene from my mother…sheesh…I can’t catch a break?}/embr /br /That is not all of my favorites. There are strongemoh so much more/em/strong that I love to read, but I hear the school bus and I’ve got to run. Until then…br /br /a href=”” target=”_blank”img alt=”Anna” border=”0″ src=”” //a