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If you’re lucky enough to be heading on a spring break, it’s time to start thinking about exactly what you’ll need to pack. It’s all too easy to forget the essentials and find yourself scouring the local shops abroad and finding nothing but overpriced boutiques, or on the other end, tacky tourist toot. Make sure you spend more time exploring beneath the sunshine and less time fretting over a lack of practical footwear or suitable swimwear, here’s a guide to packing for your holiday:

Day-to-day wear

Let’s presume you’re flying off for some early summer sunshine, you may be lucky enough to get a week of full on heat but at the start of the year (depending on your destination) weather can be a little more unpredictable. Think practically and pack with versatility in mind. You want things that you can layer up should it get chilly but you’ll want to be able to prance about in nothing much should it be baking. Don’t forget the importance of packing light too, not only will a versatile wardrobe ensure you don’t go over your luggage allowance but it will save you hours unpacking when you arrive.

Evening Wear

Don’t forget about a change of clothes for the evenings should you choose a formal restaurant or glamorous night out. Always pack one party dress even if you don’t expect to be wining and dining often, you never know what exotic events may arise where you’ll need a little glitz.

Swim Wear

Swimwear has to be one of the most frustrating things to forget; you’ve probably spent hours finding a bikini/swimsuit that you feel confident in and having to pick out a cheap last minute option from the hotel gift shop will be more than annoying! You may even want to pack two swimwear options, if you get out the pool and decide to head off to the beach you’ll want a dry set for on-the-go.


Again, think carefully about the climate of your holiday destination. Disturbed sleep is not something you want to experience on a relaxing break, but unfortunately being too hot or cold at night can too easily have you tossing and turning. Pack a knickers and vest combo for when it’s really sweltering and a one piece pyjama suit for when you know it’s going to be cold.


We all know to pack undies, but going on holiday is the perfect time to treat yourself to a sexy new set or two. If you do purchase new lingerie before your break, give them a quick try to check they’ll be comfortable for a long-day adventuring.


Packing the right footwear can be challenging; you don’t want to take up too much case space with numerous pairs, but you want to be prepared for each occasion. Pack a comfortable pair of flip-flops for the beach/poolside and a versatile pair of smart-casual sandals or trainers for both long distance walks and informal nights out.

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