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div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=””img border=”0″ height=”213″ src=”” width=”320″ //a/divbbr //bbr /bbr //bbr /bShe’s at it again! /bMy bestie, Christienbsp;i{whom-I’ve-never-met-but-is-married-to-a-dear-friend}, /iover at a href=””A Bushel and a Peck/anbsp;has come up with a dandy challenge for the month of November that will get your minds a-workin’. She was the one who inspired me to do the a href=””30 Day No spend Challenge/anbsp;with her and a few other bloggers for the month of /br /For October she had a super hard challenge that I was toonbsp;strikechicken/strikenbsp;busy to try. It was a href=””30 Days of No Defense/anbsp;where you keep your ears open and mouth closed while trying to not get angry strikeat every little/strike easily with others.i{James 1:19 }/inbsp;I would have needed some mental preparation for that one!br /br /ibNote to college students:/b DO NOT post that Bible verse on the bathroom mirror to make a point to your suitemate. Not that *I* would know anything about doing that *cough*./ibr /br /For those of us who are planners and need to mentally prepare for…well…everything, Christie has posted her challenges for the next 3 months! You can find them all a href=””HERE/ /br /bNovember is 30 Days of Giving and Thanks./bbr /Everyday for one month the challenge is to find ways to give or offer thanks. I’ll admit, this is going to be a little difficult for me since I am creatively-challenged. i{You know I’ll be on Pinterest looking for ideas!}nbsp;/ibr /br /The other challenge I know I am going to run into is that as a mom, I give and give and give to my family each and every day. Being a mom can be a thankless job and at times it can be so draining that I have nothing else to give. Can I get an Amen?br /br /I read on another blog about an idea for a Thankful Tree. You make a tree out of some branches and have leaves made out of construction paper. Every day, everyone has to write what they are thankful for and put it on the branch. At Thanksgiving, you read all the leaves. It sounds like a good way to have my children reflect on strikeall that I do for them/strikenbsp;their /br /bWhat do you say?/b Are you up for the challenge this month? I’m going to give it a go. Christie will be putting a Mr. Linky sign up option so you can follow others in their challenge. If you are up for the challenge, let me know because I’ll need some inspiration this month i{seriously creatively challenged…I kid you not!}/ibr /ibr //ibr /iHappy November!!/ibr /br /a href=”” target=”_blank”img alt=”Anna” border=”0″ src=”” //a