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People always say that the third day after working out is the worst. I completely agree. My hip flexors were so sore that I was I could not stand up straight without groaning. I tried not to stay in one position too long because my muscles would just tighten up. Because I was so sore, I decided to give my muscles a break and not exercise. {Can you feel the relief?!? I did.}

 I am really liking my snack basket! I know I said that yesterday, but it is so helpful! I don’t like to make big lunches so all the items are perfect proportion and size. I just grab a couple of items and eat and run. It makes it a lot easier than eating the scraps that my toddler leaves behind or not eating at all.

For dinner, I had a chuck roast in the crock pot that cooked ALL day. Can you say falling-off-the-bone delish?  I added roasted red potatoes, fresh baked bread and fruit. It was so good that we didn’t have any leftovers! {Or pictures…it gets a little nutty around here at dinnertime.} That’s a little disheartening because I was looking forward to a beef sandwich today. Oh well.

I did have cinnamon toast before bed. I needed to curb the craving for chocolate chip cookies. Fortunately, my husband is eating healthy as well so he pretended not to hear me when I asked for them. Good man!


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