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Today is the last day of Christmas Break and I felt like I accomplished nothing. Probably because I accomplished nothing until about 3PM. I was feeling sicky icky which tends to happen when the weather goes from balmy high 60’s to mid 30’s with chilling winds. The weather has been so fickle this last month.

After I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning, I had a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar. I abstained from the buttery toast I normally have with it.

A few hours later my sweet hubby made me lunch. A BLT with low-fat/small curd cottage cheese. It was yummy! I highly recommend cottage cheese as a substitute for mayo.

After lunch, I took some pain meds and drank my iced coffee while waiting for them to kick in and erase all the aching I had been feeling. It only took an hour before I felt like I could get out of the house and brave the mall. We had one more thing to exchange from Christmas and I wanted it to be done.

I was so surprised to realize when we got there that I was really hungry…again! It had only been two hours since I had my delicious sandwich! My hubby, being an RN and all, explained that eating a healthier/leaner meal will digest more quickly and you end up being hungry sooner. If I had eaten a high-fat meal, I probably could have gone for four hours without the hunger pain.

Our dinner was at the food court at the mall. I had a grilled chicken Ceasar salad wrap and water {I have to up my water intake!!} I only ate 3/4 of it and snuck a few fries from my son’s meal. I also stopped by Godiva Chocolate to get my free truffle for the month. Don’t worry, I only ate half and gave the other half to my other half.

Because I am feeling icky, I didn’t do Just Dance 3 tonight. My activity was walking the mall and then I did 100 crunches before relaxing in a hot bubble bath. I know that if I push myself when I feel crappy, I will relate exercise to feeling crappy and then not ever want to do it.

I know that if I burn more calories than my intake, weight will come off. I lost 10lbs last summer and it has not returned. If I were to post a picture of myself, I think I would get a lot of emails/comments telling me I don’t need to lose weight. That is not my goal in this challenge.

My goal is to get more active. I need to strengthen my core to help my weak back. After having three children cut out of me, my abs are not what they once were. It’s going to take a lot of work to get them strengthened. If I can strengthen my core so that my back will ache less, I will probably be able to get a more restful sleep. However, if I don’t eat right in the first place, all the energy I need to actually get active will not ever be there. It’s like a vicious cycle! One that I will get out of this month! {I might need to start adding prayer to this challenge…a LOT of it!}