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Celebrations and food do NOT go well together. Birthdays are a prime time to totally eat unhealthy. Yesterday, I celebrated 13 years of the day I became a mom. Yes, I now own a teenager!

My excited new teenager wanted to go to Olive Garden for dinner and then have birthday cake {of course}. I will be the first to tell you that there is hardly anything that is healthy for you at Olive Garden. There is the salad and soups, but there is a LOT of pasta. Mostly everything is breaded or slathered in heavy sauce. I love eating there, but try not to go there too often.

Fortunately, I am still Bodyrocking every day. {I’m getting the lingo now since I’ve done it for two weeks straight!} Yesterday was the fit test so it wasn’t too terrible. I was still surprisingly out of breath which just shows me that my cardio sucks.

Today, I exercised again, but then had the same meal I had last night since it was leftover night. Oy! I could just feel the cellulite accumulating on my thighs. I haven’t had the cake…yet. {Notice the “yet” part?}

Here are some observations in my 18th day into this challenge:

  1. I’ve gained 2 lbs {Wait…what?!?} I’m just going to attribute this to muscle gain and not the cake and pasta I’ve eaten in the last two days.
  2. I’m eating less at meals. I really didn’t eat much at meals, but I’m not feeling hungry as often.
  3. I feel better if I exercise between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM. Not quite sure why.
  4. Twelve minutes of intense exercise is shockingly effective.
  5. Interval timers are a little confusing when you first start to use them.
  6. There are only 13 days left!
This isn’t me, but let’s pretend!
Phew! Some things are a little surprising. I will say that many of my jeans are loose on me and I’ve had to resort to wearing belts and washing jeans a little more often. Yay for belts…boo for more laundry. Eventually, I will have to buy some better fitting clothes. I know that is a good thing, but I have a hard time spending money on myself. {I am frugal, what can I say?} Hopefully, I can wear what I’ve got until I absolutely have to get new sizes. I may have to visit my local Goodwill in the meantime.