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Yes, I will admit my kids are spoiled. Oh…don’t get me wrong…not in the financial-material sense, but rather in the parental sense. This is the first summer where mom AND dad are /br /My husband started working from home in Januarynbsp;and decided to take two weeks vacation during the summer.We did this for practical purposes since 3 children at home on summer vacation doesn’t allow for much work to be done. Heck, I’m lucky I’ve been able to blog!br /br /Last week he took the four days off following 4th of July. Unfortunately for him, I got some kind of virus that caused my joints to swell and landed me in bed for a few days. Because he is an awesome dad, he occupied our kids with swimming and jumping on blow up thingies just so mom could get some rest.i {Because we all know that if mom is in the house, kids will find her!}/ibr /ibr //ibr /Yesterday, he had to get back to work in the home office. nbsp;The first question asked in the morning, “Where is Dad?” When I say he’s working I usually hear a groan because that means they are stuck with mom i{who inevitably likes to put strikeslave-labor/strikenbsp;choresnbsp;into effect and get the house cleaned up.}/ibr /ibr //ibr /Fortunately for them, Dad’s office is 15nbsp;stair stepsnbsp;away. When he is done with his morning conference calls he’ll bound up the stairs and give his kids some love and sometimes make them pancakesnbsp;i{and makes mom his delicious iced coffee}/i. He gives everyone a kiss and again heads down to his office. nbsp;Sometimes he is out of the house for the day and sometimes he has to travel. nbsp;But because he is such a hands-on,nbsp;accessiblenbsp;dad they don’t mind hisnbsp;occasional absence. This is a huge change from all the traveling he was doing last /br /We are truly blessed to have him working from home. I know it might not last. Talk of more travel has already been mentioned. But that is okay, because this summer my kids are being spoiled everyday they have both of us at home. nbsp;And that is the kind of spoiling that I love!br /a href=”” target=”_blank”img alt=”Anna” border=”0″ src=”” //a