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If I had a Million Dollars-Barnaked Ladies
If I had a million dollars 

(If I had a million dollars) 

Well, I’d buy you a house 

(I’d buy you a house) 

And if I had a million dollars 

(If I had a million dollars)
I’d buy you furniture for your house 

(Maybe a nice Chesterfield or an Ottoman) 

And if I had a million dollars 

(If I had a million dollars) 

Well I’d buy you a K-Car 

(A nice reliant automobile) 

And if I had a million dollars, I’d buy your looooove…. 

Remember this song? I went to bed last night with it stuck in my head.

How did I even get it in my head?

Easy… I asked myself, “What would I do if I had a million dollars?”

Suddenly this song was on repeat in my brain. How could it not be? Did you see how many times this song asks the same question? I didn’t even write all the lyrics out!

Now that I sufficiently have it on repeat in your head, I’ll trackback to my thoughts from last night. Every once in a while I will ponder what I would do if I suddenly was flush with cash. I immediately starting ticking off the things I would do:



  • Pay off the house
  • Buy a new house
  • Buy a new car
  • Buy jewelry
  • Buy….


I had to stop myself. I realized that suddenly I was buying a ton of things in my imaginary wealthy lifestyle. If my imagination were a reality, I would have blown through the pile of cash in minutes days weeks short order. I surprised myself. Here I am working the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt, yet, I could have spent like crazy if given the opportunity.

Why is that?

The example that popped into my head is of a person who is trying to lose weight. S/he may go on a diet, exercise and lose weight to reach a goal. As a reward, that person may indulge a little. A little may turn into a lot and then that person discovers the weight has returned.

Losing debt can be similar if you are not aware. You live a more frugal lifestyle which may mean giving up things you love. Once you hit that goal, you feel less stifled and go on a spending-spree. I think that is why Dave stresses the importance of “Blow” money. You need a little bit to spend on whatever you want so that when you do become debt-free you don’t go crazy.

It’s important that while getting out of debt one realizes that it is a lifestyle change that continues after you are out of debt. We were out of debt TWICE and went right back into it. We didn’t make any lifestyle changes and kept repeating the same cycle. This time we have a plan and we have recognized that once we are out of debt our focus will need to shift and learn how to stay out.

I guess I better stop thinking if I had a million dollars and start thinking when I have a million dollars! (Darn it! I just got rid of that song in my head…now it’s back!)