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I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a deal.  If there is something I want to buy, I look online for a discount code or coupon.  I can usually find it, easily!

Today, I had a book a rental car for my trip to my high school reunion and I went to my favorite website…Priceline.  If you like to make a deal you will like them..  I looked up the average, daily price for a car rental and then bid LOW!

In this case, the daily rental for an economy was $47/day.  So I decided to bid $15.  Guess what?  National took my bid!!  So for a 3 day car rental I am saving over $100.  I was giddy!!

Ironically, my hubby has his high school reunion the weekend before mine and he also needed a car.  Because he’s only going for 1 day {this mom needs a kid break and is taking advantage of her reunion weekend-hence the 3 day on my part} I decided to bid $10.  And wouldn’t you know it, National accepted that one as well!!

YAY! {doing the happy dance!!} It’s going to be a fun, cheap weekend!

Got a favorite website that saves you money?