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What did I do?!?

I balanced my first zero budget (aside from my own) for another couple!!  Woo Hoo!!!

Pause for the Happy Dance…..

…okay…I feel better now.  So what is the big deal?

Well, I have always enjoyed figuring out finances (yes, I’m the nerd) and I have thought many times throughout my life that I might enjoy being a financial advisor.  However, because of the massive amount of debt I accumulated putting myself through college, I was not about to pursue a MBA.  Plus, being a stay-at-home mom was my first priority.

Now I am considering that maybe I would like to go through Dave Ramsey’s certified financial counselor training.  It costs a few thousand dollars, but I have put it on my might-do-someday-when-I’m-out-of-debt list.

It’s such a rush to be able to see another financial picture clearly.  The true test is whether or not this couple will agree on the numbers I see.  I’ll let you know…