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bPaying Cash!/b by a href=”″Amy Royce/abr /br /I don’t know about you, but I have been hearing a lot of people lately talking about paying cash for the things they need in life. This actually is one of my “life goals”. I am in debt! Not as bad as some people, but there it is. I have been thinking about how nice would it be to not have that debt and just how long it will take me to get out of debt? When I figured out that it would take close to 34 years for me, I realized the importance of paying cash. br /br /Have you ever looked really closely at your credit card statements? If not, go grab one real quick. They have started putting right on your statement what is called a “Minimum Payment Warning”. This states that if you have, for instance, a balance of $3,200.00 on your card and you pay the minimum amount due of $78.00 every month, you will be paying on that card for 34 years!! At the end of those 34 years, you will have paid $15,937.00. That’s assuming that you don’t make any other purchases using that credit card. That is 5 times the amount you had actually charged in the first place! When I saw that on my statement for the first time, the only word that came to my mind was “robbery”. On the flip side of that, if you were to pay $125.00 a month and make no other purchases, you would have it paid off in 3 years and you would have paid $4,497.00. Those numbers seem so much better, but the credit card companies are still making close to $1,300.00 off of you. What do YOU get out of that? NOTHING!! br /br /As I said before, it has become a “life goal” to pay cash for everything. Those credit card companies are no longer going to make $13,000.00 from me so that I can purchase something. That being said, I am happy to announce that this month, I will be making my first large purchase without using credit cards. I will be buying a brand new dishwasher, and I will NOT be paying a penny more than the actual purchase price. Now, I am not saying by any means that it is easy to save money for things like a new dishwasher. My family members and I have spent countless hours standing at the kitchen sink hand-washing dishes. I have spent a lot of money on liquid dish soap, but the cost of that soap and the cost of the extra water I have used are so much less than those outrageous interest and finance charges. I had to keep reminding myself of that. If this is something that you really want to do, you will make those sacrifices. Trust me, it’s worth it and it feels great to be able to make those purchases without be held hostage by a piece of plastic!br /br /iAmy Royce has two children and has been married since 1995. She is an affiliate marketer and a Virtual Assistant. She enjoys helping others through the programs she markets and the tasks she performs as a VA. To learn more about Amy and what she offers, visit her site at a href=”” class=”Apple-style-span” style=”font-size: xx-small;”Article Source: a href=””WAHM Articles/a/spanbr /br /a href=”” target=”_blank”img alt=”Anna” border=”0″ src=”” //a