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Okay, I have about…oh…5 minutes to type this out before I start bedtime routines. [And I’m also typing this with a MASSIVE headache. Can you say “caffeine/sugar withdrawal”? Oye Vey!]

I have decided to tell you about a goal that I am going to set for myself and tell the world…otherwise I will never do it.

*Deep breath*

I am going to learn about investing.

There I said it. *Phew*

Now I’m going to have to do it. *Oh…boy*

A bit of a background

When I went off to college, my dad encouraged me to take a business course or two. Being a don’t-tell-me-what-to-do type girl. I never did. Plus, it was one of those subjects that guaranteed me a good nap. Throughout the years I have tried to learn about investing, but as always my eyes would start to glaze over and my mind would wander.

Apparently I have ADD when it comes to anything to do with investing and the stock market. Either that or the people that write the websites and books are people that have no clue how to teach anyone anything. That is probably the case because highly intelligent left-brained people have a hard time finding different ways to reach different learning styles.

Talk to me like I’m 5!

I need to figure out a source where the explanations are basic and simple and elementary. So I went to the library and got a few Investing for Dummies books. Hopefully they will talk to me like I am a toddler and it will begin to click. So far I have read a few pages in one of the books and fell asleep. Not a good sign. I’ll let you all know.

Any words of wisdom? Resources?