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We are in the final weeks of Financial Peace University with our small group.  It has been a great journey with a LOT of successes.

A few couples in our group have decided to sell vehicles that they have loans on, take the cash they make (after paying the loan, of course) and buying used vehicle in cash!  It is awesome to see and somewhat convicting.

You see, we have a beautiful Toyota Sienna FULLY LOADED!  We did NOT buy it new (we never buy new), but we do have payments on it.  This vehicle is perfect for our family of five.  Especially since it has a DVD player that can quiet my kids for an hour on a LONG road trip.  It makes it hard for me to think about selling it.

However, I do not like the $350/month payment that we have on it.  So I am torn.  On the one hand I would love to take that monthly payment and apply it to debt to get out of the debt sooner (not having a car payment would decrease our debt amount).  On the other hand I REALLY hate searching for a new-to-us car (I don’t think hate is a strong enough word in this instance).  Plus, I would have to maintain the interior of the van which, let’s be real, with 3 children is not an easy task.

Oh what to do….

I bet if my hubby and I sat down and looked at how much sooner we could be out of debt it would help.  And maybe if we had an idea of a replacement vehicle that will seat 3 children (and sometimes more when I carpool) would help our focus.   Oh boy, I see a van for sale on the horizon….