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I’ve got just a few minutes to put out this post. Baby is still sleeping, hubby took the other two to the park for a softball tournament and I think I’ve been on the computer longer today than I have ALL week! Here’s the scoop. I dropped off my MASSIVE load of consignment items this morning. Remember one of my earlier posts where I hit the motherload of baby clothes for 25₡ each…well guess where they are now! All the baby clothes have been taking over my bedroom for weeks. It’s been driving me crazy since I like to be able to walk in my room without stubbing my toes on bins. Anyway…I finished the tagging last night and had hubby load the van. Here is a picture of all the goodies:

Did you notice the bins behind the bins? Yes…I have even more! I was sooooo over all the washing/hanging/ tagging and the poking from the pins. I am hoping that all the work {and blood} will pay off with a nice chunk of change in a few weeks. On Monday, I get to go to the presale and shop, shop, shop. I don’t want to spend all the money I hope to make, but I am going for very specific items. While hanging up my clothes at the venue, I had to control the urge to start browsing the racks.

The other craziness that ensued this week was the beginning of school. Yes, here in the south, we start a bit early. I realized there are a few items that we need to adjust in our budget ASAP. For one, with the start of school come all the miscellaneous costs like yearbook, PTA membership, lunch fees. I knew it was coming, but I forgot that all these fees also coincide with sports registrations AND our tag renewals! YIKES!!! Our tag renewals are due on my hubby’s birthday. I guess this year all he’s getting are the tags for a present. LOL!

It was just a reminder that although we have a budget and a plan, there are things that will pop up happen every year and we will need to put aside the money for it. We started the Dave Ramsey plan last September, so we had already begun school and did not have all the fees to worry about. Now that I am reminded what we pay every year for school, vehicles and sports, we will tweak our plan. Budgets have to be fluid to adjust to life.

How do you do on your budget when you are “surprised” by an expense that you forgot?

Well, I’m off to a softball tournament…have a great weekend!