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If you haven’t heard about Craigslist you may have been visiting another planet. I have heard many, MANY people tell me how awesome Craigslist is and how they save a TON of money. I have a good friend who is a Craigslist Queen! Her husband is very handy around the house and most of the things they have replaced in their home were purchased {or were free} through Craigslist.

My Craigslist Experience

Personally, I haven’t had much luck with Craigslist. I did try to list toys once, but the person who wanted to buy them never showed up. We listed my husband’s car, but ended up selling it through I think I’ve also been leery on the condition of items being sold. What if they are trying to scam me? What if I spend the money and it doesn’t work? What if they try to rob me when I go meet the seller in a public setting? Okay, I know the last one is not the case {usually} and I’m pretty smart {most of the time}, but one can’t help thinking of the what ifs.

That all changed today. Today we purchased our very first item from a Craigslist ad and I must say, I AM IN LOVE!

Dyson DC24 Animal

There she is! My new Dyson vacuum {swoon}! We have been looking and looking at purchasing one of these for quite some time. However, being the frugal people that we are known to be, we couldn’t justify spending $450 plus tax on it. When we had people that cleaned our house {years and years ago}, they used a Dyson and our carpets never looked better. Granted, their Dyson was much bigger and had so much suction that it pulled up some of our carpet in the hallway, but that was okay because our carpets were cleaned. Goodbye dog hair!

Looking on Craigslist

Our Kenmore vacuum is over 5 years old and has been dying a slow death. We’ve replaced belts, the brush bar, and countless disposable {expensive} HEPA bags. I was vacuuming every other day because my carpets never seemed clean enough. I finally decided to look on Craigslist to see if there were any Dysons listed. I ran across a 5 day old add for the Dyson DC24 Animal for $150 less than it was offered in store. I emailed the seller and he told me it was still available. I had my husband call and he found out all the info on the product. It was still new in package, never used.

My husband and I decided to purchase it for the $300 by using our household money and a little from our tax refund. We got the cash and he went to meet the seller fully prepared {2nd amendment preparation because you can’t be too safe}.

The Best Part

A few hours later, my husband was assembling all of it and tested it out. He tried it on our bedroom carpet and the hallway. I then mentioned that the real test would be the stairs since they are always the hardest remove pet hair. Next thing I know, the stairs were perfectly vacuumed. Not only did I get a new Dyson vacuum, but I got my husband to vacuum all the places that needed it!

If I had known getting a Dyson would mean clean carpets without me having to do a thing, I would have gotten it ages ago!

Tell me about your Craiglist success {or failure} stories below. If you feel compelled to share your success stories of your spouse cleaning the house, that’s ok too. 😉