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Many of you remember the post about my computer needing a new brain. I have been waiting oh-so-patiently for the Geek Squad to let me know it’s fixed.  Because of an earlier miscommunication, my husband has been checking on it weekly.  We called to verify that it was in KY at Geek Squad City being fixed and then we verified it was being shipped back.  September 4th was the day my computer was supposed to be back.

We called Best Buy and after a 20 minute hold, we decided to drive to the store to find out why no one was answering our questions.  I had a sneaking suspicion that they lost my computer.

The first thing my husband did was ask for the store manager and explain EVERYTHING. The phone calls, the reassurances and the long wait.  He disappeared for a while to figure out what was going on.  When he returned, it was not with good news.  Apparently, they shipped out my computer with UPS and it never made it to KY.  In fact, the tracing stopped somewhere in the South with no further clues.  Basically, UPS has misplaced my computer.

Of course it’s going to take some time  to track things down and if they don’t find it, to file a claim to get it replaced.  IN THE MEANTIME….guess what the solution they gave us…BUY ANOTHER COMPUTER.

Um…excuse me?!?

Yes, you read that correctly.  They want me to buy a comparable computer and if mine is found they would let me return it without any restocking fees.

Gee…thanks!  So helpful!

A new computer is definitely NOT in our budget.  How about you BUY me a new computer and then IF mine shows up, then you can have it back.

Nope…no can do.  However, for our troubles, he would buy us a movie if we saw one we wanted.

Now, I have to say.  This store manager was not mean or indifferent. I think he truly wants to help us, but give me a break.  A MOVIE!!

We have had to explain several times that because I use that computer to design, we are losing money every day that it is not in our home.  I also have quite a bit of designing info saved that I will have to repurchase if I don’t get it back.  Fortunately, we back all our important info on a separate hard drive.  I have most of my designs, but not the most recent.

It all has been so frustrating and irritating to not have a workable computer on my desk.  Yes, I have this laptop that I am using in the interim, but it has a tendency to overheat and shut down on it’s own time.  I’m hoping I can get this post out before it decides to do that.

This laptop is the reason I purchased that other computer in the first place.  Can’t very well be in the middle of designing a website and have it shut down on me.  We have always purchased our electronics from Best Buy, but now this whole scenario is really making me think twice about shopping there ever again.


More waiting and hopefully better news soon…

If this happened to you, what would you do?  What compensation would you demand ask for for putting up with all the issues?