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It is May and for us that means getting ready for the end. When we moved south I was shocked at how early the school year started and even more surprised at how early it ended. Somehow summer seems a lot shorter than when I was a kid.

This month I can expect PILES of paperwork to come home along with miscellaneous workbooks. {My intention is to use them in the summer, but that never happens.} I have school parties to attend as well as field days and sports parties. We are finishing up the softball season today! I have to share one of my favorite pictures of my boys and their excitement for their sister’s game.

Softball Fun

I love watching my girl play, but I am ready to reclaim my Saturday mornings! {Hidden meaning…sleeping in!}


We have three weeks to get it all done which includes 3 birthdays, a baby shower, and getting ready for our family vacation. Phew! Are you tired yet?

Happy Cinco De Mayo!