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If you have read my About page you may have figured out that we live on one income.  Extra cash is not a luxury around here, but there are other ways that we can get a little extra cash for the “little extras” we enjoy {Iced Carmel Latte with whip from Dunkin Donuts}.  Depending on your personality some or none of this may be for you.  Whatever the case, it may get your mind thinking about the different ways you can get your hands on a little extra cash!

Find something you are passionate about and try to turn it into a business.

I discovered in 2000 that I enjoy designing templates for eBay. After a few years of that I began to teach myself how to program and develop websites.  In 2005, I began my AGH Designs business and designed my first website for a client. That website is still active, but I wish the owner would let me redesign it since now that I have much more knowledge and tools at my disposal.  Since that first site, I have designed well over a dozen different ecommerce websites, as well as templates for blogger, and business cards.  It’s something that I love, is a creative outlet for me, and brings in a little extra money that we use for vacation (if we take one).

Try those sites that offer points for online web browsing.

Swagbucks is one that I stumbled on and have recently traded points for Paypal cash.  This company gives you points for using their search engine.  I have the toolbar loaded on my Firefox browser which lets me put in a search item and then will give me points.  Sometimes it does not, but I have found if I hit reload it will give me the points.  They also offer surveys for points as well.

Find an online survey company that pays cash.

There are many companies that will offer points like Swagbucks, but there is one legitimate company I use where they pay cash for their surveys.  It is called Pinecone Research.  What I love about this company is that they email you if they have a survey.  If you qualify and complete it, they pay within a few days into your Paypal account!  I have also had certain surveys were the company asks if I am willing to try the product.  I have received several items for free, tested them out and then did a follow up survey where I got paid AGAIN.  Not bad for 20 minutes of your time.

Find a local marketing company that hires product testers.

A few months ago, a friend of mine contacted me about testing diapers for a marketing company.  I got 10 days worth of diapers and $20 once I completed testing and reported my findings to the company.  Since then, the company has contacted me for other testing opportunities.  Not bad pay for my opinion!

Have you heard about BzzAgent?

This is another product marketing company where you can sign up to be a reviewer.  You don’t receive money, but you will receive products to try. I received L’Oréal® Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse™ eye cream for free.  I noticed in the store it sells for $20!  I had been wanting to try out this eye cream, but I would never have paid that kind of money just to try it.  I have been searching for a cream that reduces puffiness and laugh line.  {I am happy to report that the puffiness is diminished, but I’m still waiting to be wrinkle-free.}

Use BigCrumbs when you are shopping for Christmas!

I am sure you have heard of this company.  It gives you a percentage back for shopping through their site.  What is neat about this site is that if you refer people and they shop, you get rewarded for their shopping as well.  I recently used them to buy new business cards, but there have been times I have not used them at all, but still got some money deposited into my account for someone elses purchases.

These are just a few ways that I earn a little extra cash.  I know that although many of these companies do not pay a lot, over some time the money does add up.  I figure that if I am on the computer anyway, I can take a few minutes for a survey here and there. Most of these companies I have mentioned are listed on my Money Saving Ideas tab.  I will post more as I come across them.

What are some of the ways you bring in a little extra cash for your family?