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You may have noticed my lack of posting…for a while. We took our vacay and then I turned *gulp* 40. {It was a fabulous day. My husband spoiled me rotten!}

Ever since then I have been in a funk and have neglected everything. Well, not everything…the kids are being fed.

I met with some mentors and they gave me some advice that I truly appreciate:

Give yourself permission to take a break and try new things.

I’m not sure if these were the exact words, but this was my take-away from the meeting. It was suggested that I try out different interests and see what sparks my passion. I was also told that it was okay to try something new and if I realize it’s not what I like, then try something else.

I am in the phase of life where my children are becoming more independent, therefore, I am gaining independence. My role as mom is changing as they grow and now I can start focusing on me and my interests. Granted they are not completely self-sufficient, but I can start taking baby steps to figure out what I want to do outside of being Mom.

It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

I decided that I’m just going to enjoy the summer and not worry about posting. Our summer is almost over since school here starts the first week in August. Wow! It’s going fast!

If you are a mom, what new things have you tried as your discovered your independence?