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We have been back from our family vacation for a week and I just can’t find my motivation…for anything. I have officially entered the BLAH ZONE.

Yesterday, I mentioned to my husband how this is the first vacation that we took where I wasn’t ready to come home. We are not the gotta-go-somewhere-amazing-every-year vacationers. The first time we went anywhere with just the 5 of us was in 2008. That year was the first time we did not “vacation” at a family member’s house. It was new and fun, but even then I was ready to be back in my own house {granted I was also 6 months pregnant in 2008 so that may have contributed to the need to be home.}

This time, I’m a little sad.

I think it’s because it is the first vacation where all 5 of us could enjoy everything together. {Last time my little pregnant self couldn’t ride anything!} Even my littlest man could get on almost all the rides. This is also the first time where we were completely out of consumer debt and put no part of this vacation on credit. It made it all more enjoyable knowing that we weren’t digging a hole.

We had some fun dressing up as a popular Disney Pixar family:

The Incredibles

Our children were the perfect ages for Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack!

I loved watching my youngest meet the princesses:



I love seeing my kids experience Disney. I avoided Disney for years because I didn’t like it myself, but it’s pretty amazing when you can experience through the eyes of your children. Now, I love it!

Now that I’m home, I feel the need to make some changes.

I’m not completely sure what all the changes are but I’m trying to figure them out. Part of the reflection is due in part to my impending 40th birthday next week. *eek!* I am finding myself in a different stage of life where, as my children grow, I am gaining some new freedom.

I’m not sure where to go with my blog. I would love it if I could actually make an income with it. As much as I love finances and helping people, I have to question if it’s my passion. Money can only be made when you are doing something that you are passionate about. {Which then brought on the question, “What is my passion?” Answer: my children. Which then brings on the question, “What is your passion outside of your children?” Heck if I know.}

I’m also contemplating a change in my web design business. I have a hard time getting after the people who owe me money. I do, however, love to help people. I’m considering cutting loose the ones who essentially think I should work for free and freely work for those who appreciate my help. I am a firm believer that if you help others succeed, you will succeed. But there is a big difference between helping others and being a sucker. One is functional and fruitful, the other perpetuates dysfunction. Drawing that distinction is a topic for another post.

I have a lot to think about.

This entering a new decade thing always throws me off. When I turned 20 I was excited. When I turned 30 I cried. Now I’m turning 40 and I don’t know what to expect. I just hope this Blah Zone is just a phase and I will get myself out of it and on track. Have you had any “Blah Zones” and how have you dealt with them?