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I got my FAVORITE magazine in the mail yesterday and was so happy to find that there were tons of savings ideas throughout. Because I love new places to find bargains, I thought I’d list a few of the websites for you.

Before we get to the money-saving stuff…how about some chocolate?

You get a complimentary piece of chocolate EVERY month if you sign up for their Rewards Club. Now I know there is a Godiva Chocolates at our mall and seeing as I probably go in there only once a month, I may as well get some chocolate!!

Grocery Shopping

I have to admit, I was almost done writing the entire post and then I stumbled on It’s such an intriguing site that I decided to post it towards the top.

I was a little confused about the name, but when I read the logo, “Everyone needs anAlice.” I was suddenly transported to a young child watching my favorite TV Show…The Brady Bunch. For those of you unfamiliar with The Brady Bunch {you must be from another planet because I refuse to admit I’m older than you} it is an old sitcom about a blended family of 8 that had a housekeeper named Alice. It’s on YouTube if you need to see what I am talking about. is an online shopping portal where you can get everyday items and have it shipped to your home for FREE!! Because I do the shopping I am VERY familiar with what things cost so I check to make sure it wasn’t a website where they charged a crazy amount. I was pleasantly surprised to see that of the items were pretty comparable to shopping at the store. And if you’re a GREEN Mama/Family they have quite a selection of organic/green items.

If you register through the link I’ve provided, you will receive a $10 credit to your account once you spend $50 {Love that deal! I already spend at least $50 every week in groceries!} Hey, if you’re going to buy the stuff anyway, why not have it shipped to your house? That way you can avoid toddler meltdowns and loading and unloading the car….or is that just me? 

Dining Out

We live on Dave Ramsey’s envelope system where we have a budgeted amount of cash for different categories. Our family has a “Dining Out” envelope. When we first budgeted for this envelope, I searched high and low for coupons for restaurants. {If Mama don’t have to cook…Mama is happy!} However, we were very limited in variety from our local paper. Now I can go to and see if there is a coupon for a restaurant I want to visit. They also have lists of deals that restaurants offer {i.e. 2 eat for $20} as well as where kids can eat for free. {I find, however, if I just leave the kids at home, not only do I get to eat my meal while it’s hot, but it’s cheaper!}

I also LOVE…LOVE…LOVE Dunkin Donuts and they are offering two coupons for FREE coffee {or iced caramel latte with whip…thank you very much}. Unfortunately, I already signed up for their “perks” deal when I registered my gift cards. Tonight, however, I realized that my hubby did not sign up. Now he’s a member of the perks and I get two FREE drinks!! Boo Ya!!!


I don’t have a daughter old enough to go to school dances, but I do have a website to use when I do! It’s called Rent the Runway. It’s a website that offers designer {translation: expensive} dresses for a fraction of the retail value. So that $900 Badgley Mischka will only cost $100 to rent. 

{Yes, that’s right, the elegant black dress on your right is $100 to rent.  And your daughter will thank you later when she is moving every 18 months as an adult and won’t have to move her poofy prom dresses from Army post to Army post…oh wait, that’s just me.}

If you are looking for a little something for you, you will want to explore HauteLook. They offer everything from clothes, bags, makeup, jewelry. It’s a fuuuuun site to look through. If you are looking for name brands at a discounted rate…go there. 

Use the links I’ve provided because you need to be invited to get a quick access to the site. Because I didn’t have an invite link, I had to wait a few weeks before they gave me access. I don’t want you to have to wait, so I’m inviting YOU!

Activity Savings

Have you heard of Groupon? It’s a website that gives daily deals on activities throughout your city. There is also another one called Living Social that does the same thing. Sign up just by giving your email address {I use a junk email address…see tip below} and then choose your location.

Something New {that I am still investigating, but is a bit intriguing}

I can’t remember how I found this new thing, but it is interesting all the same. It’s called and it is in pre-launch. I looked though the information and the company is still working out the kinks. There is a blog they would like for you to follow to find out the information. I am not sure if it’s going to compete with Paypal or what, but there is really nothing to lose by signing up. They put in $50 in “” money {again…they haven’t worked out all the specifics so who knows how this translates} and then each day you earn “money.” Like I said, if you have a junk email account use it to sign up. I figure if that is all the information they want right now, that’s no biggie.

A Last Tip

I do like to investigate and signup for websites to get some deals BUT I don’t like to get spam and lots of junk email. A looooooong time ago I decided to get a account for that purpose. I don’t check it often except to get a confirmation email that I need to complete a registration. I also use it for my survey sites so my personal email doesn’t get clogged with those either.

That is all my latest finds for now.  I will be posting the websites on the Money Savings Ideas link for future reference. Do you have a great website you go to for steals and deals?