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It is crazy to think that summer is just around the corner! There are 4 days left of school and only 6 days left before our family escapes from everyday life to a magical world of wonder. Yes, we are a little crazy to be leaving the day after school is out, but our summer is so packed we had to take an early vacay!

Cash-Only Vacation

This will be the third vacation where we pay it all in cash. Because we made major changes to our financial tree a few years ago, we are not taking a vacation on credit at all. I have also been very thrifty about purchasing tickets for certain venues we will be visiting. It took a lot of researching and reading and planning, but we finally made decisions on where

we were going to go. I’ll be posting on the places we are going and how we are saving money in a future post.

Birthday Extravaganza

BirthdayThis summer both my husband and I are turning 40! Eeeek!!!  I can’t even believe we are at this milestone in our lives! Sometimes I feel like I just got

out of high school. My birthday is in June and my husband’s is in August. I already told him that he will be turning 40 on my birthday. I also mentioned that this year I get a week-long celebration, not just a day! We also have several friends that will be visiting us this summer. It will be a great way to welcome the new decade!

Change in Jobs

Shortly after our trip, hubby will start his new position in his company. The downside is that he will have to travel a bit this summer for training. Fortunately, he will be home for our birthday and our visitors. {At least it’s not an entire summer of travel…well, at least not this year.}

Like I said, it’s an action-packed summer in the South. I’m sure this summer is going to fly by and then we’ll be back to the routine of school, sports, and activities once again!

What are your summer-plans? Do you take a vacation or a staycation?