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Here’s the scoop on my 30 Days of Spring Cleaning week 3. I tackled the copious amount of toys  sorted them, priced them and put them in a garage sale. It took me 2 days, but I did it!

Thank you to all the suggestions about putting some away and then taking them out later. I had always heard that, but never had enough storage bins to do it. After going through ALL THE TOYS, I discovered a few extra bins! I got rid of TONS of matchbox cars. Not sure why we had so many because my boys like to play with the CARS character cars. Not sure why, but they do.

My sweet hubby did the garage sale for me at a neighbor’s house in the front of the subdivision. I think I have mentioned that we live in the waaaaaay back of our neighborhood and would only make about $40 on garage sale days. We decided to get the bulk of the traffic by being in the front.

After 4 hours of being out in the slightly chilled, overcast weather we made a whopping….


Frustrated Woman

I could not believe it! All that work for $16 more than we normally make. It was so frustrating. When we lived in Maryland where we could run our own sale with our own advertising, we would pull in $300 every time!

I think I am finally done with attempting garage sales in my neighborhood. We make better money back by claiming the donation on our taxes. Sheesh!

Well, at least our guest room/hubby’s office has much less toys. It is not perfectly organized, but it will be…someday. I’d show you pictures, but I was worn out from all the sorting.

Now tell me, how do you organize/put away all the figurines so they don’t get separated {you know the little characters, transformers, etc.}? Please clue me in!

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