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Spring Cleaning

I will have to admit that week 2 of the 30 Days of Spring Cleaning was BUST! I didn’t get to the things I needed to get to because there were so many other every day things that needed to get done like 100 loads of laundry! {Okay, not 100, but it was close!} We also had 3 softball games to attend. And then there is this week-long party that started last Friday night… {Hi! New Followers!!}

This weekend is our community yard sale and I’ve GOT to get things out of my house!! Which means I’ve GOT to get my rear in gear and go through STUFF! I’m thinking of staying away from selling clothes because clothes don’t seem to sell unless they are itty bitty cutie baby things. I don’t have much of that anymore, but I do have lots of baby gear!

*Sigh* Guess I better stop typing and get to work…