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Spring Cleaning

April is over and so is the Spring Cleaning challenge that my friend Christie offered for the month! I will admit that it didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but at least I was able to purge some areas of my house.

I can now walk into my attic without tripping over suitcases and bins. I donated 7 bags of clothing, lots of toys, and sold some baby items. I still have bins of clothes out in my toddler’s room, but that is because we had a cold snap here and I needed to dig out some jeans {happens to me every year!} I gave away all my spring maternity clothes to my pregnant friend since I am done with babies.

I never did get to this closet. And that is probably because we never open it.

Hall Closet

On one of our date nights last week my husband and I walked into a magic store and found a magician who was looking to buy some stage items. We have a LARGE magic trick in my basement that needs a new home.

It had been sitting in my neighbor’s basement for the last few years, but they were moving so it’s now in our basement taking up a LOT of space. My husband also decided to part with these tricks. YAY!

Magic Tricks

That will be a little extra cash and some space that we are gaining!

For the month, I had hoped to get more cleaned out, but I’m happy with what I did accomplish. If there had not been a challenge, I may have just let everything sit for another year or two a while. I still have much more to do, but I’m going to do Christie’s May challenge which is 31 Days of Nothing (Literally)!

There is no challenge for the month of May! Woo Hoo!!

This works out perfectly because it is the last month of school for us and that means I’m super busy with end-of-the-year activities {projects, field days, class parties, etc}. To add to the chaos, we decided to leave for family vacation the day after the kids get out of school. {The prepping has begun!}

What are your summer plans?