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span id=”goog_742360658″/spanspan id=”goog_742360659″/spanbr /div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=””img border=”0″ height=”266″ src=”” width=”400″ //a/divbr /I feel like the days are slipping through my fingers and I can’t keep up! I am not posting everyday on this 30 day challengenbsp;i{obviously}/i, but I will try to let you in on some of my activities for the /br /bDay 3/bbr /My 8 year old son is like many 8 year old boys…in their own world. He always has something going on in his head and it usually has nothing to do with work or helping. We have been working with him on thinking of others. On Day 3, I asked him to unload the silverware in the dishwasher i{his usual chore}/i. When I came back, he had unloaded the entire dishwasher for his sister! I was shocked. Normally, I have to give him specific instructions for chores, but this time he did it on his own without prompting. Yay, Son!br /br /bDays 4-6/bbr /These days were a little difficult for us. My daughter was asked to be a pick-up player for a weekend softball tournament so we were going all weekend long! The few things that we did for giving and thanks were for each /br /On Saturday, I took our active 8 year old with me to the game so my husband could squeeze in a quick nap with our toddler.nbsp;i{My husband never takes naps so he obviously was tired!}/ibr /br /On Sunday, my daughter had 4 games to play AND we had our small group meeting at our house that night. After her first morning game, I came home and cleaned up the downstairs in preparation for the /br /iAre you wondering how that fits into the challenge?/ibr /br /Normally my husband is quick to help when we have to clean up for company, but he had a lot on his mind and I didn’t want to burden him with cleaning. The gift to him was not to get upset or frustrated because I was doing it all in a limited time-frame because we also had to get to church. I’m sure he appreciated it because he thanked me for getting it all ready. After church I would head to the next game and he would have the time to prepare for small /br /bDay 7/bbr /Monday was a wash for me. I was exhausted from all our activities on the weekend. I am hoping that life will slow down a little now that we don’t have practices or games to attend. Although I did run into my daughter’s cheer team mom and gave her $5 towards a thank you gift for her coach. Does that count?br /br /While the days are passing with this challenge, I am discovering why I am struggling a little with it. It is easier for me to give at home, but the challenge is when it comes to others on the outside. Like I mentioned in my a href=””intro to the challenge post/a, when you’re a mom, you give so much to your family that you don’t have much to give after /br /I’m working on that post and hope to have it up sometime this /br /img alt=”Anna” border=”0″ src=”” /