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One thing I have a heart for is helping moms who own businesses. 

Many people call them mompreneurs; I call them courageous. It takes a lot of courage to start your own business and make it work. It takes time, effort, organization, and passion to build a successful business. Many moms start their businesses with something they love and it grows. Others start businesses to go out and meet other women.

When I became a full-time, stay-at-home mom, I felt like I lost my identity. It was a difficult transition from being in the workforce. In my job, I got recognition and accolades for my abilities. At home, I was cleaning spit-up and doing loads {and loads} of laundry. I had to find an outlet to remind myself that I am a skilled person outside of being a mom. My outlet came in the form of programming websites. I had never done it before so it was a great escape into learning something new. During my early programming years, I found out that I not only loved doing it, but that I was pretty good at it.

My new passion grew from something that I did for myself to designing websites for other moms and their small businesses. I always say that I am not a good business person because my desire to help people was more important than money. This past year, I have taken a break from designing websites and pursued other creative outlets.

A few weeks ago, I missed a Holiday Market that I wanted to attend. The girl who does my hair told me about it. I found the event Facebook Fan Page and “Liked” it. Unfortunately, the owner of the fan page did not update the page much and I didn’t discover that I missed it until the page owner thanked all the vendors. I was disappointed that I missed it.  I also suspected that the owner of the Holiday Market had no idea she lost customers because she hadn’t updated her Facebook page.

I decided to put my design skills to use and design a Facebook Page that supports and promotes local Mompreneurs. It is a place where mom-owned businesses can let us know about specials and events. On the flip-side, it is also a place where people, like me, can help support moms by shopping from them. It’s a page for Mompreneurs and their customers all in one location! It’s a total win-win.

The business owners can Like us through their business page and consumers can like us through their personal page. Easy Peasy!

It’s only a week old and already I am finding great deals for the holidays! I have it set up for Atlanta area moms, but I have been finding some other great mom-owned sites that are in other states. It’s totally free and a way that I give to all the moms out there who have braved the world of business to be Mompreneurs!

What do you have a heart for and how are you giving yourself to it?