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Ahhh…Saturdays. I love Saturdays! It is a day where I can catch up on sleep, spend time with my family and just relax without having to rush anywhere first thing in the morning. I slept, I cooked, I baked, I went to the pool and I didn’t have any temptation to spend because I didn’t leave my neighborhood!

How did we do today?

Pretty well, except for a few required expenditures that we knew were coming, but I’ll get to that. Yesterday on my grocery shopping trip, I got a whole chicken that was on sale. My money saving plan was to slow cook it in a stock pot all day so I would have falling-off-the-bone shredded chicken for meals this month. Get ready for a pictorial…

This is how it looked after it simmered in a stockpot for about 6 hours. Mmmmm….


My shredded chicken waiting to be separated into baggies and frozen until used.
This was who was watching me closely while I shredded the chicken.
Here it is all separated. I have 4 baggies for the freezer and tonight I made chicken salad.


The stock will go into the freezer for soups and such.


First I fed my boys. This looks really pathetic, but it’s about what they eat and heaven forbid food touches other foods! {This was taken before the sour cream and onion chips made their way out of the pantry.}
Onto the main course! Here are my supplies. You can use whatever veggies you want or nothing at all. I like crunchy chicken salad with a punch of mustard.
I season it with Lawry’s and pepper.
Toasted multi-grain bread with pita chips and garden fresh tomato and cucumber. It was delish!
We are trying to eat healthier around these parts. Chicken salad is great because if my hubby doesn’t want carbs, he can eat it as is. I did however void some of this healthy eating by making this:
Bailey’s chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting…from scratch! YUM!!
While I was making these yummy treats, my hubby took my boys to Sam’s Club to exchange some protein bars I had bought for him. I was a little worried because my oldest boy LOVES the hot dogs at Sam’s. I reminded him that we are not spending extra money for the month of September. When they all returned, my son ran in and excitedly exclaimed, “We got a hot dog AND a slushy because I had good behavior!”
It is day 3 and we blew it…or so I thought. Turns out my husband had a merchandise credit from Walmart that he discovered and was able to use it at Sam’s! He spent a whopping $2.08 to give my boys to their favorite treat as a reward for good behavior. And did it for free…technically. What a great daddy!
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