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div style=”text-align: center;”div style=”text-align: center;”iWooah, Livin on a prayer/i/div/divdiv style=”text-align: center;”div style=”text-align: center;”iTake my hand and we’ll make it- I swear/i/divdiv style=”text-align: center;”iWooah, Livin on a prayer/i/div/divbr /nbsp;Now that I’ve dated myself nbsp;*cough cough* gotta love Bon Jovi!br /br /It’s September 15th ya’ll and that means only 15 more days until we are done!! nbsp;I can tell you that it isn’t getting any easier. I did have a delicious roast beef sandwich for lunch, thanks to the leftovers from last /br /However, when it was time to make dinner, I wanted to just grab some food from somewhere and bring it home. Normally we have pizza night on Thursdays, but since we had had pizza on Monday, I didn’t think anyonei {except me}/i would want it again so soon. Thank goodness I have a daughter that can cook! We ended up having breakfast for /br /table align=”center” cellpadding=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ class=”tr-caption-container” style=”margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; text-align: center;”tbodytrtd style=”text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;”img border=”0″ height=”248″ src=”” width=”320″ //a/td/trtrtd class=”tr-caption” style=”text-align: center;”Mmmm…French Toast!/td/tr/tbody/tableIt was good! I have taught her well. The next step is to teach her how to make an entire meal so Mom can chill out and read a good /br /The good news about our no spend month is that I had some extra money to put towards our HELOC. It is fabulous to see that go down a little /br /Since I started this post with Bon Jovi, I’m gonna end it with Bon Jovi. This song brings me waaaay /div style=”text-align: center;”br //diviframe allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”315″ src=”” width=”420″/iframebr /a href=”” target=”_blank”img alt=”Anna” border=”0″ src=”” //a